A Breezy Day

And chilly! But I spent the afternoon in the garden, doing all sorts of tidying up. I potted up my tuberous begonias and put them in the potting shed. The garden looks like someone cares for it now :-) It was blustery and quite cool, but I'm so pleased with the work I did.

That was the back garden. I went to the front garden looking for blips and was surprised to see so many subjects! I guess I had it in my head that all was already done, what with a chilly night ahead. But I caught this rose in some lovely light - if I'm remembering correctly it's David Austin 'Carding Mill' looking not quite so double. But what a beauty! 

And apparently I forgot to look for dahlias in the front garden when I cut them all a couple of days ago...found this beauty (in extras)...I can't get over how gorgeous the dahlias were this year! 

Happy Saturday everyone! 

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