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By HarlingDarling

Bonfire time!

The friends rolled up at 4, the fire was lit at quarter past, glögg (mulled wine) was drunk, sparklers were lit and two tiny banger rockets were set off. The dogs of the village were also set off so we left it at two. And some Swedish gingerbread hearts.

The fire has been sitting under a tarpaulin, and being added to for a couple of years. The regular bonfire for November the fifth didn't happen as the weather was dire two years in a row. So it was nicely dry and raring to go, which it did and was incredibly intensely hot in no time!! I fed the secret documents from the time when I was a union official, they burnt well this time. I've tried in the past to burn wads of them and they refused to burn, just smouldering a bit for hours.... I couldn't put the documents in the recycling and I was sick of tearing them up by hand when I left work.... A shredder would have been handy but it was too far from my office.... I am SO happy I don't go to work anymore.

I love a good fire, and this one was a very good one. The weather was chilly but not windy so we could enjoy the experience for an hour or so. Then we went in and everyone stripped off many layers of clothing - the heaps all over the floor are a feature of socialising in the winter. The curry dinner went down very well, and the dessert was a delight. Keith's saffron buns, my mince pies with brandy butter (Rémy Martin no less) and some magnificent baclava which Rose brought with her. There is an unemployed man from Lebanon who has started making various kinds of baclava to sell, his wife is his agent and I saw the advert on facebook. It sent it to Rose, who is a big fan of the dripping honey and nut sweets. It turned out she knew the lady! So she ordered a batch for us to enjoy. They were magnificent. Crispy and packed with nuts - obviously health food.

It was a lovely relaxed evening with our friends. We retired to the front room (twinkly lights all over the place) and had a fire there too, and some wine, and sweets and Toffifee. That has memories of Germany for me, the first time I ever tasted them was there, and the addiction was instant. So I hardly ever buy them! They went really fast, so I am clearly not alone in the addiction. 

Before bed I did the washing up and sorted out the table for breakfast tomorrow. Claire and Rusty will be with us till lunchtime, and then we are hoping for a bit warmer weather and some bulb planting. Or some bookbinding prep if it rains. The clocks went back last night, my body clock didn't so I was awake at 5.30, snoozed for a bit and then began my day with another fire!

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