Written In Ink

By inkstainedhand

Hello Robin

I've been sitting outside during my breaks since I started at my new job. There's a lovely sheltered area for us to use whilst on we're break and I've taken to sitting there with the others. It gives me a chance to get some fresh air, even if its raining or windy. I really love my job and I really enjoy have a chance to get some fresh air when I can. We're very fortunate to get an hour and forty minutes worth of breaks if we're working twelve-hour shifts. We aren't paid for the hour lunch break we get, but we still get paid for the forty minutes. You probably don't want to read about how the breaks work, etc.

So I was sitting outside on my twenty-minute break today (I was on a short shift). Just before my colleagues left at the end of her break when the robin started hopping about on the edge of the shelter so when she left, he happily came back. At one point almost jumping onto my knee in an attempt to get something to eat. I took a few photos, both before and after my colleague left; this one was the last one I took before my phone went off. I do love the English Robin.

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