a Scots life

By Annakucat


Over to Dundee again, I bought something in the V&A shop the other day & when I got home I realised the lad had given me the wrong thing, so an excuse to come back & get my proper scarf.
There’s also an interesting presentation on libraries and museums in the digital age which I had overlooked. Lovely weather when I came in, its pouring now so I’m having lovely coffee and cake in the café.
The blip is of paintings on the hoarding round the building site between the museum and the bridge.
I asked what they’re building, apparently it’s going to be a sort of city beach, the little building being worked on will be a cycle space (?) and café.
Thank goodness it’s not going to be another office block!
The extra is a glimpse of the offices in the V&A, I’d never noticed it before.

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