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By HarlingDarling

A very different day full of sun

The big round ball in the sky, the one that has been hardly showing itself for weeks, was in the sky in force this morning. After a hot drink I suggested we should have a walk before we ate breakfast as the sunshine wasn't due to hang around. So glad we did as it shone on us right through the walk, and the long chat with our neighbours as we re-entered the village. Then the sun disappeared again - and more of the wet stuff (I love rain of course) is already waiting in the wings.

It was so warm that I ended up with my jacket tied round my waist and the pockets stuffed full of gloves and scarves and hats that I thought I'd need. I did yesterday! It was around 8 degrees, balmy by our autumn standards. As you can see from the blip, the air was totally still. It was really lovely and once again we went on to each other at length about what a wonderful place we live in - always something new to see, even when we have done this walk thousands of times.

I did a lot of prep for bookbinding yesterday and intended to do some more this afternoon. Well, i caught the end of a long brush that was standing up in a jar of water - and tipped the lot over my work table, which was of course full of paper etc. Nice absorbent things that went SLURP! And as if that wasn't enough, the drawer under the counter top was open and the water swilled into it in great quantities. In there were many books waiting to be covered or embellished in some way - panic! I said some colourful things... mopped up everything, discovered how lucky I'd been and that hardly anything was totally messed up, and mopped the floor as well. After that I just got ready for the evening session of book binding but decided not to do any cutting or glueing. I think it was a wise decision, the stars were not favourable.

Or were they? When I checked my putty-botch from yesterday there was no sign of damp at all! I left rolled up newspaper on the window sill so I could tell if water had found its way in, and everything was crisp and dry. Well I never! Putty and wet wood worked! In a few weeks it will be so cold that it won't be an issue anyway, and the wet wood will dry out during the winter In fact it will almost desiccate, like everything else here does if you leave it out in minus degrees. Nature working in my favour I think. 

The whole outside of Betty's needs stripping and painting next year, it has been badly treated and there are huge swathes of plastic paint separating from the wood below. It will need scraping and wire-brushing before we can paint it - and some bits might need chopping out and replacing if they have rotted, though the wood underneath the paint  looks in pretty good shape.Sadly,  we'll have to stick with plastic paint now that's been started - nothing else is compatible. However, that's a task for next year - or the year after! Our main house is clad with enamelled metal sheeting and never needs any of this palaver - so easy to look after!

How did the bookbinding go? I stuck 6 of the 8 little rainbow books together with very little bad language and put them under pressure for a few seconds in the big press. It makes a fabulous job of the glued surfaces, making them really smooth. Now they are under pressure with paper interlaced so they can dry out. I glued another bigger book and made a right mess of it struggled a little, but it wasn't too bad in the end. No-one who isn't a bookbinder will notice anything amiss, and I'm not planning on showing it to anyone who knows better!!! My big project with the 28 collages is progressing, the bindings are now ready but they have to dry for 10 days or so before I can punch holes in them and lace it all up. I used the bright orange material that I laminated for the front cover, it looks really exciting and inviting.

I rounded the evening off with a quick bit of grocery shopping in an almost empty store, 21.30 is obviously the covid-safe alternative. My frustrations concerning politics continue, but we need not trouble ourselves with that sort of thing here, how nice!

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