What I've Done

By JohnGravett

A cold dip

Deb has decided that she needs a new challenge, and what better when living in the Lakes than open water swimming. She's bought the kit - wet suit, float, goggles, cap etc, and decided that this morning was going to be the day the wetsuit was christened!

Her readings suggest that the first dip should be no more than three minutes, and just involve getting wet, no significant swimming. 

The day dawned with lightning and heavy hail, although by the time we got to Kettlewell car park, the weather had improved, though the temperature was still only 6.5 degrees. Deb's neoprene bootees hadn't arrived, but she was determined. The determination didn't last long once she realised quite how cold the water was on bare skin, but hats off for determination.

Simply had to be my Blip, as she did her impression of Halle Berry emerging from the sea in Die another day

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