Life on the go

By BarryBadcock

Not Lockdown but Locked Out

So first thing this morning Sue and I went down for breakfast and as we needed to check out by 10:00 I decided to settle the hotel bill before going back up to the room. I gave Sue the key so she could finish packing. Having paid the bill I travelled up to the third floor to the room. A quick knock and I heard this reply come from inside 'Sorry I am on the toilet'. So I waited outside patiently. What caught my eye was information written on this very graphic wallpaper about boats and yachts. Did you know that a 'Boats Sail' is made up of 'Luff and Leach', I didn't. Once we arrived back home this afternoon I have to look it up on the web  (Google is almost as good as Alexa :) and found out  "The luff is the forward or leading edge of a sail. The leech is the back edge of the sail."  I also found out there is a 'Clew' but I sort of lost interest at that point. Whilst I was waiting I had to take a photo of course.

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