By Artyfartyannie

Still Life with Wine

Gordon told me to have a glass of wine and wait until the computer downloaded our information............ so I did......... but it took so long that I had to have more.

Today we had to take ‘The Mac’ to get it’s corrupted operating system properly uploaded. We chose Stirling as opposed to Edinburgh. We had an hour or so to have coffee with friends. Wish everyone could have been there but it would have been to complicated and not even allowed. We will choose another of our friends the next time. It’s a way to go. We were only in a cafe in a little corner and it was lovely to see them.
NB Why do cafe’s serve a ton of carbohydrates and nothing much else..... sandwiches( ie bread fillers ) and etc

Now back to the news about Coronovirus.... it’s interesting if nothing else

I don’t think this will be over until we are a herd of ....... thinking.......... T cells

Maybe I’m thinking too much !!!!!

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