Jan's View

By HarlingDarling

I often forget to take a photo till...

...the most interesting event of the day is almost over! This is a picture of the stew that was eaten, the bread that is no more and so on. Karin and Lonny were with us today, Keith had a treatment, Lonny did some work online, & I planted bulbs in the garden whilst all this was going on. That felt brilliant because the ground has been too hard for a while, and I was too busy before... Anyway, my snow drops are in the ground and the strawberry runners are planted in, and the wall behind the deck is looking a bit more secure and sensible. It will be "interesting" to see what comes up in the spring - I suspect the dratted brambles will be featuring heavily, despite my best efforts. ho hum, life as we know it in the wilder north, where brambles are the order of the day where there is untouched ground. According to the book, "Wilding" this is an important biotope.

The day has been filled with cooking food for the hungry visitors, and driving the needy to their choir practice, assisting other needy in the interpretation of Swedish forms to fill in, and in thinking with another needy person. A different sort of day to the ones we generally spend. The sun was unexpected shining on us today, whilst almost all of Sweden was under thick cloud, it was mild at about 8 degrees and it feels more like spring than autumn, and definitely not winter!

So, this has been a day of conversation and support, of stories and problems and solving them, and stating that they can't perhaps be solved right now. And love. There has been love in the day, and kindness, and sharing. Lonny was very interested to see Kendall's video that was made with Donna Heyes "Silent Voices" and has gone on his way rejoicing with the link. Press play video and up it comes. Of course, I now need to wind down after such an emotionally busy day so my bed time might have to be pushed forward a bit.

Gratefuls today:
getting the bulbs in, ok not all of them, but anyway
being available to help people who asked
having a table full of food to share

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