Murphy’s Law

By laurie54

Mule Deer

Very little internet time so will make this quick.

It was extremely cold last night, about 35°/1.7°. I was fine all snuggled under the covers. It was tossing them off in the morning that was jolting. I should have accepted the space heater when it was offered. The day started out overcast and windy, as well as colder than what I'm used to.  The sun occasionally peaked out but the wind was relentless. I spent most of the day outside despite it.

I had finished cooking dinner on the grill and opened the door just before sunset to check on the embers. Much to my amazement, three deer were staring at me. I always see the coolest things when I least expect it which means there's never a camera at the ready. But who would have anticipated that?!

After reaching my camera and slowly stepping onto the porch, I saw several deer well off to my left but a trio to my right, nibbling on the greenery in front of the casitas. My steathiness must be improving. I was able to get fairly close but most of the photos were blurry. The blip,  isn't the best because the fawn kept wiggling. I wanted to use it for the blip, though, because I'm never going to get another chance at a shot like this. A sharper photo of the deer is an extra.

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