By wellsforzoe


23RD OCTOBER 2020 :

As per plan yesterday we went to Kasungu for forestry.
As per District office request that we should meet them first before proceeding to Kasela. We did that.
We first went to meet the District youth officer and his colleagues in his office. Their aim was mainly appreciating the project in the area and more importantly empowering the youth economically. He said this has never happened before in the entire district of Kasungu. He also gave us some guidelines on how we should be cooperating with the office that oversees youth development in the district that we should be together with them sometimes so that they can appreciate what the youth are doing in the district .
Also he mentioned that we should be involving District forest office so that they can appreciate and write their reports on forestry in the district.
After the meeting we went to Kasela to give the guys their wages. They were all very excited and were chanting songs of praise to the organization because some will use the money for payment of their school fees and some money will be used to buy maize in their families since many families have no food that can sustain them to another harvest season.
During the payments, two chiefs and area development committee members came to witness the event.
We also monitor progress of their nurseries in which they have potted 188,060 tubes as of yesterday and fence construction is in progress. The numbers are increasing very rapidly now that the land is cleared
Sowing will begin next week after construction of the water tank.


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