Everyday Life

By Julez


This morning I went into town as my mobile should have been ready for collection from the menders. Unfortunately they had ordered the wrong part for it and now I will have to wait until Saturday. Hah!!

Once I was back I washed up, knowing I would be glad later on that I did and then we set off to Belton House. The house itself is not open to the public but the gardens and grounds are good to walk around, explore and to photograph. 

It would have been even better if the sun had shone but it is still a beautiful place. We were hoping to see deer, and we went for a very long walk to the top edge of the ground where there is some woodland to seek out the fallow deer. We were not disappointed! There are apparently 300 there, and we saw just a handful of them. 

I have posted a couple of extras: the house itself and the lake and boathouse.

We walked loads today and only ate a quick snack in their little cafe. I did not fancy cooking tonight and as Jae had wanted to try out a Chinese takeaway that is close to his work and offers an extensive Vegan selection in its menu, tonight seemed as good a night as any to go for it. The food was delicious so I'm glad we did!

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