By amandoAlentejo

Bridge Over the Guadiana

Went over the bridge to the other side of the Lake, to get more wood and some groceries in Reguengos, as we won't be allowed out of our municipality until Tuesday now, to stop folk congregating for Day of the Dead. 

I needed a photo of the bridge for our monthly update, so Mike kindly drove under it as well as stopping above - loved the abstractness of the pillars in the rippling water.

- so much beauty - woke to a misty morning, swiftly dispersed by bright sunshine - got soaking pj's from the wet grass walking round, taking photos of cobwebs and buds and leaves and oranges
- Mike assembling the staircase, albeit with some grumbling - didn't come with any instructions, but then, he doesn't follow them anyway
- getting the update done, thereby clarifying some of my own thinking

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