Lost in Thought

By steveng

An Experiment

We had a walk around Upton House today, followed by tea/coffee and cake with two friends - a dreich afternoon but it was good to get out into the fresh air and celebrate our wedding anniversary of yesterday.  Thanks to all of you for your comments yesterday too!

Nothing inspired me to blip at Upton, and as indoor blips might be more of a feature soon, I have had an experiment with a couple of speedlights, one to light the subject and one to blow out the white background.  Space is at a premium due to some work we are having done,  so the art card background is taped to a radiator and I have been sat on the office floor with the speedlights on short stands.  The subject is one of our asparagus plants which had broken off in the breeze yesterday.  I suspect the rest will have to go over the weekend too.  The end of the 2nd growing season, so we might have some edible spears next spring :-)

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