filling the frame...

...with pink carnations

for flowerfriday

and to honor bcam

some people say - ‘blah’ to carnations for a - variety of reasons - their appearance - the smell - their simplicity - they look cheap - i like them for all those reasons - in addition to the fact - that my mama - believed them to be - one of the prettiest - flowers ever - and if you open your mind - put away any preconceived ideas of them - and look closely - you just might end up - agreeing with her

a carnation is a ‘do anything’ flower - because of its simplicity - you can use it as a filler - as the main event - use it with plants - in a bouquet - or all alone in a vase - they can stand up - to critique as is - or as i’ve done here - spruced up with - a bit of faffing - and as a friend - once told me - ‘fill the frame’ - to show a flower off - so i’ve done just that - hoping you’ll see the beauty - my mama did in - carnations meant to honor - the final days of breast cancer - awareness month

encourage those you love to - get an annual mammogram for - it could save - their life and we could - then be calling it...


happy day.....

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