Arnside and beyond

By gladders

Tide and time

The nights are drawing in, and the today sun was setting before 5pm.  There was so much water in the estuary, I began to think the tide was coming in, even though when I checked later, high tide had been at 1140.  But then we have had a lot of rain despite the respite today, and there is a large volume of water coming down the Kent.  When I visited the allotment today to harvest my two pumpkins, my foot went into the waterlogged soil up to my ankle.  I shall be planting cranberries or rice next year.

As I write this on Saturday morning, it seems that we are heading for another lockdown.  This has been the direction of travel for several weeks, but as in March, the difficult decision has been delayed, and yet the spread of the virus doesn't wait, like time and tide, it relentlessly progresses and now the decision is all the harder.  Like last time, I am lucky living here, I can seek solace in the natural world all around me. 

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