Bloodstone ring repair

The ring had been cut off someone's finger.

I neatened the edges and brought the two edges together perfectly-bottom left picture. When you are gold or silver soldering the edges must touch or be very close. If there is any gap at all the solder melts but won't fill a gap. If the gap is a hair line or less the solder will flow towards the  hottest part of the job. It's always best if the pieces are touching.

Liquid flux is applied then tiny bits of gold solder are stuck on the liquid. The wetness makes them stick. Middle picture.

Gentle heat is applied to dry the flux. Then a hotter flame to melt the solder.

The piece is dropped into strong acid to remove fire stain then rinsed.

Finally the piece is polished.

Job done. Top pictures. I have polished this by hand only. I'll give it a final polish on the machine then the job will really be compete.

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