By Freyjad

MM - Curves

I had a mental blank today when I was trying to decide what to blip for MM. Eventually I came up with the idea of blipping my exercise weights which are ball shaped but after crawling round the kitchen floor and getting up and down several times to place the flash in a different spot I gave up  -  it just wasn't working.  My Pestle and Mortar then caught my eye and the problem was solved.

My hairdresser rang me on Sunday morning to offer me the chance of getting a haircut before Thursday, I jumped at the chance as the thought that I might have to resort to trimming my own hair again wasn't an appealing one.  Jack too got a phone call this morning from the barber shop he goes to, also giving him the chance for a last haircut before lock-down -  if nothing else we're both going to look neat and tidy whilst we're staying home. :-)

Thank you for visiting my journal it's very much appreciated.

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