By DonnaWanna

Wide Wednesday - Under The Paperbark Trees

The ibis like the paperbark trees because they have lots of space to make nests and they can rip strips of lovely soft bark off the trees to line their nests.  The big bundle of sticks in the tree is a nest and if you could look down in there you’d see a lovely warm snuggly nest ;o). For a bird with a big hooked beak they can do amazing things!!

This shot is taken from way over the other side of the lake because the whole thing is fenced off. I did like the faint reflections in the water, the ubiquitous trolley thrown in there and the ever present scavenging ravens poking their noses into everything!   Ive put another shot in extras of a different section of the island where they are still in residence with their babies ;o)

Thanks to Bob for hosting Wide Wednesday ;o)

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