By carliewired

Soup + Stitching

It's mild and grey for
weather today. I can stay
home close to the stove.

~ carliewired

I have a birthday gift and a Christmas gift that need to be in the mail next week. I need to get busy with my sewing machine once again. It's the perfect day to tend the soup pot and get in some stitching too. 

I found a recipe for a soup with sausage, spinach and sweet peppers. As usual, I will make a big version and improvise as I go. I like to work with the radio on, but with all this upset south of us, I can't bear to listen to any more drama. I've got Rod Stewart singing in my kitchen to keep me company today. I have the whole American Songbook series of CDs so I will be entertained for hours!

I've used Paper Artist on my cell phone for this photo. That's why it appears to be textured. This effect is called "For Real". 

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