Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Still in the Dark

As I write this, the results of our election are still unknown.  Things certainly seem to be falling in Biden's direction, but who knows?  It's all I can do not to check my news app every five minutes.  Like many people (all over the world) I am waiting on tenterhooks for an outcome to what has been a long, exhaustive campaign and election.  And while we are all anxiously awaiting an outcome, the Covid numbers continue to climb higher and higher.  Yesterday our country topped 120,000 new cases, and over 53,000 Americans are currently hospitalized for Covid.  That some will die is a certainty.  

To clear my head, I loaded the kayak up and went out for a paddle.  The lake I went to is one I haven't paddled on before so it was fun to explore.  The water was a little choppy so I kept the kayak nose-first into the chop so that I wouldn't get rocked around a lot.  And I managed to see some nice winter ducks, although too far away for decent photos (especially on choppy water).  It was nice to be out in the fresh air with just the sound of paddles cutting the water.  

And an update on the Sandhill Cranes ... the woman who runs the Avian rescue center here went out today to locate the cranes and have a look at the injured one.  She and the park ranger had waders and a kayak and were prepared to try a capture, but both cranes took off and flew 
some distance.  She and the park officials are going to keep an eye on them and if the injured bird seems to be losing ground, they will attempt a rescue.  For now, it's able to feed and fly so it isn't in danger from predation.  

Planning a quiet night, maybe a martini and some birthday cake with SIL (her birthday today) later.  

Today's image is an American Goldfinch in winter colors, shot against a shaded background in early light.  I boosted the blacks a bit in LR to give it a more dramatic look.  I'm still overrun with goldfinches and pine siskins, to my delight.  Yesterday when I was refilling one of the feeders, one of them hopped on my hand - I'll put a shot in Extra that I took with my phone in the other hand.

Be like cranes, loving.


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