Arnside and beyond

By gladders


The good thing about the days of wet and wind is that in between we have days like today - calm and autumnal bright.  In the afternoon we had a lockdown trip to Milnthorpe to buy Gus his worm pill, hopefully to correct his voracious appetite.  This was the view on the way home from the Sandside prom as the sun set.  Taken from almost the same place as the blip from Wednesday this week, and utterly different for the quality of light, the reflections and water textures.  This is one of the most astonishing sunsets I have seen from here, with more subtle colours rather than vivid crimsons.  While in this shot, one might be forgiven for seeing sensor spots in the sky above the setting sun, they are actually a cloud of gulls pausing and circling in their evening movement down the estuary.

As the week ends I feel calmer than I have done all week, it looks like we are heading to resolution on that third event I mentioned on Wednesday.  For anyone with a concern for the future of our planet and our habitats and species close to home, this is encouraging after the dark foreboding gloom of the last four years.

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