By Charente

Out of the history Photo Album...

23 years ago when we owned a 356. (sigh, those were great days).  The annual get together with the great Table Mountain behind us in Cape Town, South Africa.

I have been busy getting things ready for Mr C's birthday tomorrow.  Seeing we can't go out for a meal, I want to make a special 4-course meal for him so we can take all afternoon to eat it as we would if in a French restaurant.  Smoked Salmon with homemade bread for starters, Boullibaise for main served with garlic croutons.  Followed by cheese and salad, then dessert will be a slice of the chocolate cake that I am about to go and cover in chocolate icing at any moment.   I have put a Gamay in the fridge, which is a light-bodied red wine served better chilled.  Mr C prefers red wine, but if he feels he wants something lighter with the fish there is rosé standing by as well,

Stay safe and keep well everyone.

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