Emma D's diary

By EmmaDrabble

At Home: Murphy and Milo double act...

Hiring now, the best comedy act in town!

Small and mighty Milo, the shetland pony demonstrates the most amazing tolerance for his Murphy.

Murphy, a jackapoo, a cross breed phenomenon and is a living clown dog. He has surely inherited the circus poodle and a little of the Jack russell. The result is a highly intelligent, super bold, lively, loving and highly energetic hound...(is the poodle a hound?)

Jayne his owner, has signed him up to be a PAT dog. Thats a 'Pets as Therapy' for the disabled and elderly. He's the perfect dog to be put forward. He makes us laugh. He even hugs the horse's. More bizarrely the horses never seem to get irritated or swing a back leg , nip or push at him. In fact, when Jayne began scratching Milo's back, Milo scratched Murphy's back.

Now I have seen everything!.x

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