By KatesGardenPDX

A Sunny Afternoon...before More Rain

Although it was murky this morning, and chilly, it cleared up by midday and the skies were a clear, autumnal blue with very few clouds. I spent the afternoon with my parents in Vancouver WA - I go there every Wednesday afternoon. We have a routine - lunch (which the caregiver gets for them and cleans up) followed by a game of backgammon (you know she beat me again!) and then a walk or reading or something. Today was no exception, although my mom wanted me to read to her the newest regarding the election fiasco, which I did. We also went out for a brief stroll (she calls her wheelchair her stroller) but it was too chilly to sit outside for long. So a really pleasant visit all told. Mom and Dad are doing ok....living on borrowed time, my Dad says. They're both quite frail and sleep a lot, but it's a joy to see them.

I love the colors that hydrangeas turn in the fall. This one is in my garden and still has flowers, and leaves too actually. It's in a spot where it's protected from frost. Isn't this color amazing?

Hope you all had lovely days. 

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