Jan's View

By HarlingDarling

the other coast of Öland

Today it poured with rain all morning, had rained in the night and there was fog. The bedroom was damp, the bed was damp, I was damp and my joints went on a rampage. Pass me the paracetamol! Fire up the stove! Don't ask anything of me till I feel better! Great start to the day, so it was a slow one, everyone doing their thing till the rain stopped. Which is decided to do eventually. I left my bedding in the warmest room to dry out and hope for the best for tonight. I really hate this sort of dampness, (I think I always have, and I grew up in it) and my rheumatism seems to agree with me. After several doses and a lot of fireside hang,  and walking about I feel better but tired out by nothing at all.

We were driven by the chauffeur to a beach on the east side of this long thin place, driving over the flatness from coast to coast. It felt even more like parts of the UK with the fog and hanging wetness in the air, the beach on the east side is sandy with hardly any stones, on the west it's all stones and fossils. We walked by the fishing boats in the harbour and thought about what a hard, cold, wet life that must be. I was taking a lovely, well composed shot of one of the boats when my phone rang and apparently I didn't get the photo! It was a white and red boat and I'd lined it all up really nicely... The caller was one of my older friends who needed to talk about how rubbish this year has been and how she is missing coffee round the kitchen table with other humans - brought on by the tougher recommendations of recent days. I think it can be filed under the heading "Care of the Elderly and Vulnerable" and I was happy to spend half an hour doing it. 

Under the heading "Care of Inadequate PM" we can put the slew of departures from number ten and hope that some more traditionally conservative policies (of the milder, joined up thinking, social conservatism sort) come into being now that The Knight of Barnard Castle is packing his belongings on his trusty steed and hopping off. Unhappily, the country is apparently being run by an unelected person with the official title of "Fiancée" - certainly this is an unusual way to do democracy. And still there is no test and trace system that really works....

The beach was blustery and cold, the rain was almost falling, we drove to another beach and walked till we arrived at the site of an ancient fortress, still visible in the distinct shape of a ring of thick stone walls, crumbled but still impressive. There was a huge slaughter of the inhabitants, but nothing was looted, the bodies were left where they fell, the animals were not taken care of, everyone died (or was taken away) and the doors were sealed and the place was left. No one knows what it was all about, and as it happened ages ago (in the Iron Age of the late 500s), there's no-one to ask. It was rediscovered in 2011 and there are excavations every summer. Here are some animations showing what it looked like back in the day.

After all that excitement we went shopping for milk and vegetables, came home and made two separate diners as I am not into lamb chops. My carrot etc soup was great, and we all had garlic bread and drank the same wine, a fine Alentejo red from the alcohol monopoly shop. They are getting a few more wines from Portugal which is lovely for those of us who want to encourage the imports! I wasn't comfortable in the shop, a bit too crowded for my liking. I will be glad to get home to the thinned out northern regions on that account. The fact that we are promised more rain tomorrow is only adding to my homesickness!! Good to see Kjell of course, nice to have a holiday and eat ice cream and drink red wine together, very good to have new things filling my horizons, and great to go home and be grateful about that too.

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