By KatesGardenPDX

An Emergency Blip on a VERY Rainy Evening!

Yesterday was my grandson's 3rd birthday, and since his sister is in school till mid-afternoon, we had the "party" today. We assembled again at my co-grandmother's warehouse, which is coming in very handy during these odd times. Another piñata, this time a rocket ship, and for the birthday boy a deluxe garage complete with elevator for his cars. And a little bicycle that you don't pedal but push with your feet instead, if that makes sense. So a raucous time was had by all, including my son and his wife, the two grandchildren and my co-grandmother and partner. That's our bubble and it's a good one. The only people outside of that are my parents and my husband. In fact we live in four households, but none of us see anyone else other than each other, if that makes sense.

Here in Oregon the governor has proclaimed a new shut down starting next Wednesday - for a month, at least for now. Sadly she's closed the outdoor gardens (Japanese and Chinese Gardens are affected) and the Zoo. A lot of other restrictions too, including closing gyms and restaurants can only do take out and grocery stores now at 75% capacity. Hopefully it will slow the virus down again, which has really taken hold, worse than in the spring. 

By the time I got home around 5 pm it was dark - it's been pouring all afternoon. So I went outside with my iPhone hoping I could find something to take a photo of in the dark. This is a Harry Lauder Walking Stick - Corylus avallena 'Contorta' with the porch light on behind it. If you look closely, you can see raindrops in the upper right had corner. Now, to the fire with a book and a glass of wine!! 

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