Kath Gordon

By KathGordon

Mallet finger

This is the offending hand. I did learn a lot from the lovely J as she fitted the splint and explained everything. I took it all in - always did have a fascination for all things medical. I am in awe of the miracles our wonderful NHS perform every day.I have been behaving myself - no lifting and absolutely no getting it wet. Other than that I can do everything. It is very neat and a lovely shade of lilac with a pink bit on the end! It is not restricting my movement and I have exercises to do every hour. The bruising is subsiding and I have hardly any pain at all. Thank you NHS.
How did it happen? Well, I was sitting on the floor playing with Louie and he ran towards me accidentally standing on my hand. I heard the crack and stifled a scream as I did not want to scare him. These things happen and it could have been much worse.

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