By spannarama

Spring's a-coming

What a beautiful morning it was today. I went through a lot of thick fog on the train between New Cross and London Bridge, then came out the other side of it into beautiful sunshine and blue skies. I took a few photos looking fogwards from Cannon Street, then did a quick detour on my way to work via the roof of the One New Change shopping centre. It was completely deserted (not even a security guard to make me feel self-conscious today), so I had free reign to take many photos in every direction. I think this is my favourite, although I did have a lot to choose from.

Tim and I booked the hotel for our wedding today. Having seen Katherinski at the weekend I feel I can now blurt out our plans.... We're getting married on a mountain! Ben Nevis, to be precise. We've found a lovely Humanist celebrant who's (very enthusiastically) willing to hike up to the top with us and marry us up there, in August. We'll then be having a big party in London a few weeks later. So excited!!

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