Art Quilter Pictures

By friedaquilter

Our lane

It’s hard to believe 10 years of blipping is behind me, uninterrupted and with no back blipping. Taking that daily image has never been an issue for me but writing and commenting waxes and wanes . It no longer bothers me. It will eventually return or not and both are fine. This year more than any other has clearly demonstrated that beauty and inspiration are everywhere even when you are only allowed to go a short distance from home. Taking the same image many times has trained my eye more than ever before to spot the subtle changes in the sky, landscape, flora and fauna close to home. It also showed that our planet continues to give us not only a home but a stunning place to live. Just looking at any random display on Blip makes that more than clear.
Many thanks to all working in the background to keep this site working, both past and present. And a huge thank you to all blippers providing us all with daily inspiration. I think this site is saving our sanity. It certainly does that for me.
I went for drama for today’s image. In the extras some more idyllic rural images

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