By HareBrain


But not in their natural form.  They've been heavily dyed and my good friend G....e  tells me that the Florist may have used absorption dyes to get this incredible shade ..... One of the easiest methods for dyeing flowers is to use the absorption method. Florists fill large plastic vases with water along with food coloring. Freshly cut stems rest in the colored water, and, after a few hours of drinking, the flowers display different colors. Designers control the dye results by adjusting the time the flower spends in the water. For example, a deeper purple can be achieved by leaving the flowers in dyed water overnight. The blooms come out of the dye when the the florist sees the desired color.

Beautiful start to the morning, misty and surreal, but I didn't get out early enough to capture it, but have been quite busy:  
Started needlefelting another Nativity scene and my take on The Snowman for requested C presents;  started knitting socks for 29 yr old grandson and made a g/f carrot cake with cream cheese filling and topping.

Half way through making the icing I realised I hadn't got enough cream cheese so took a quick sortie to the SM to get some more and this is where I saw the lilies - I didn't buy them but thought they'd do well for FlowerFriday - thank you, as ever, BikerBear ~Anni~ for hosting.

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