By loisbiz


It was a beautiful sunset when we arrived at one of my favorite places to take a photo......this was at least a half hour after the sun actually set. Usually this tree is covered with Cormorants so I wonder if there was a Bald Eagle nearby; I didn't see one, but I am pretty sure one was in the area. We stopped at our favorite Sushi place in Tillamook; so we had a really yummy dinner when we got to the beach house. The extra photo was taken about 10 minutes after the first shot; it was taken near the mouth of Tillamook Bay. 

It was lovely at home today; I got a lot of things done before we drove to the beach. It was nice to have an unexpected day at home in order to leave the garden in better shape and leave with a very clean house. Sometimes we leave a little clutter when we leave; I don't like coming back home to that bit of clutter so it will be really pleasant when we return home. 

We are healthy and happy to be sitting by the fire and listening to the local college teams playing football; we have granddaughter at both schools, so we are simply routing for whoever has the ball. 

Remember to stay safe while keeping everyone else safe too. Blippers are good people so I am sure you are being kind to yourself and others.  :-))

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