Capital adventures

By marchmont

Sunday at The Ivy

Another Sunday, another busy morning in the pool, though the first that whitened the roofs of the cars at 2am had disappeared by 8.30.

Then to a quiet Cameron Toll to return another parcel of clothes and buy some food, including the necessary haggis for tomorrow.

Time then to pick up Mum and head to The Ivy for lunch with #3 son and #2 gf. It was an interesting trip as the taxi driver navigated the closed roads. Outside the clouds started close and it was freezing.

Lovely, long lunch. The benefits, to us, of 6 pm closing is they don't rush you out. There was a good selection of non alcoholic drinks too. It was after 4 and almost dark by the time we left.

It's good for. Mum to get out for these social occasions and of course we were closer together than well be on Christmas Day.

Back home the curtains are drawn, the candles are lit and I've got my feet up.

F2F - 12
Phone calls - 0
Virtual - 0

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