Grumpy Old Man

By Maurice1948

All enquiries

Chilly and damp day today, made even worse by having a dental appointment this afternoon. They take great care with the way they operate in these COVID days, but I was very surprised when asked to rinse out my mouth to be told not to spit into the usual receptacle, which I assumed put it down the drain, but to swallow it! 

Popped up to Pulpit Hill afterwards in the hope of finding something good to Blip, but the town was wrapped in a grey gloom. Then I noticed that the toilets, which I thought had been closed for a long time because of COVID, appeared to be for sale or rent. 'All enquiries', the sign said. 'Yes, I have an enquiry. If they're closed, then why is the light on?'

Limerick of the Day:

A biking muchacho from Ronda,
Dined his girl at her favourite fonda.
When they parted he kissed her
Sighing ‘Hasta la vista’,
And fell off the back of his Honda!

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