A moment in time

By Skyegirl

Last night I went to sleep in hospital at 10.30pm, and the nurse wakened me up at 6.30am to check my blood pressure etc.  I was amazed that I had slept so long as I never do at home..... she told me just to go back to sleep, and I did, and was wakened again by the nurse at 8.30am for breakfast in bed!  Amazing.

Had a shower, and then physio, and they decided that I was doing so well that I could go home, after they checked that I could manage stairs.  And I could!  So the HG picked me up in the afternoon, and I am home now.  It all seemed to happen so quickly.

And now have to take it easy for a bit to recover.

The only thing I dislike is that I have to inject myself every day for 35 days, for the prevention of blood clots.  But I did it before and can do it again!

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