By FrauPic

View from Werdersee towards Buntentor

This blip shows the Werdersee foreland, a row of colourful houses and backyards on the lefthand side of Buntentorsteinweg (Buntentor = coloured or colourful gate, Steinweg = cobbled road) plus this late afternoon's afterglow. It was sunny and not too cold today - perfect for an outing with my wheelchair-bound neighbour Mrs. G. Happy surprise today (I nearly cried with joy!) when she walked a few steps on her four-point cane. So she's really making progress. (A few weeks ago I felt she was very depressed, while therapy didn't seem to bring much progress - considering her stroke happened in May. Today's visible progress boosted my hopes for her returning to her own house at some stage. Mauz who still sits annd waits on Mrs. G.s terrace every single day would be so delighted!
Also, I made vegan white chocolate pralines (with walnut, matcha & lemongrass).
I wasn't feeling so happy this morning due to so much recent conflict. Today turned into a good day, though. I find making something nice and talking to Mrs. G. has grounded me. I don't feels so cynical anymore.

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