By dunkyc

Stoking the fire

The children have come to expect it now.

When they walk back through the door, Daddy will have moved something in the house around again. Which is exactly what I did today and I regret nothing.

The back room (where I spend most of my day) just felt “wrong”. I didn’t like the fact that the dining room table dominated the room despite only being used half the time, so I had another switcheroo and the room now makes sense again. This means I can now enjoy my lunch on the sofa and look out on the back yard to see the birds coming down, but more importantly I can warm my feet by the cosy fire.

Looking back on this picture to check that there were no holes in my socks, I am struck by the pink wall (the next thing to be painted) and the amount of crap adorning the mantelpiece. Our arts and crafts sessions throughout lockdown have a lot to answer for!

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