Jan's View

By HarlingDarling

Who knew?

There is a nose spray that takes away swelling in the sinuses. There is another that takes away swelling in the inner ear, but curiously, is administered via the nose. Who knew? That there were two different ones? That one might help, the other not so much? Now I know. Why? Because after a week of weird ear, I called the doctor and a nurse, a qualified person took a glance in my lughole. She pronounced it delightful. And praised my efforts at self care. And wrote down the name of an over-the-counter spray that should help - as long as I do the "blowing through your nose with your fingers clamping it shut thing" to try to even out the disturbed pressure. So, I almost got it right by myself! And now I have to try this for a week and get back to them if it doesn't work. The blip is the lamp in the ceiling of the waiting room.

I'm not very happy at my health centre and have been thinking seriously of moving to another one where they have an actual receptionist, and not an iPad to sign in at. (Just an example, there are other things I have found upsetting and strange) But this was a good visit, and I am very happy to report I have no infection, the waiting room was almost empty and the trip into town also gave me the opportunity to return the extension cable purchased yesterday, that does not in fact extend electricity at all. Incidentally I bought 6 more sets of the very tiny lights that delighted my beloved so much he sent me back for more! Two will be for presents, maybe more - but one has now be carefully added to the 63 year old artificial tree that is my Christmas tree from home. It is a very, very sweet tree indeed, now even sweeter.

I have just attended an on-line meeting that was to be an hour and turned into almost 2. It was interesting though, and no time was wasted. It just meant that I didn't do tea... so a swift sandwich is being eaten. Instead of something silly like a bag of crisps. I would have had tea before the evening meeting but got a call from my old friend, Anders,  who had to describe how he had contracted Covid-19 and survived, without too much fuss it seems. He's in his 70s and that feels like quite positive news really - he was over it in less than 2 weeks but had the lack of smell thing for a while longer.  

Anyway, I prioritised speaking with him, and missed the slot! Our meal times have never been regular events, and these days they are turning into something positively continental. It's dark almost all the time, so does it really matter? There has been the least amount of sun recorded in several locations in Sweden, since the 1930s. So far into December they have recorded ZERO hour s of sunlight. It has to get bright enough to register on the instruments, and it hasn't. Whilst this is normal enough in the very far north, it is pretty unusual in Stockholm, which is one of the places. I am sure we are too, not seen the sun for so long I'm not sure I'd know it.

So, I have a lot of battery operated, tiny star lights. The meeting is done. The political Christmas card is ready to be sent off for copying tomorrow (when I will be more alert and less likely to mess up). And I have got a recently thawed out bit of my own-baked bread (literally called a "Fantastic Bread" in the recipe book!) to keep me going till sunrise tomorrow at 09.09, and I have the nice news that my left ear might just stop doing its new, weird thing. It's 10 o'clock, it's been pitch dark since before 3 - no wonder it feels like bedtime!

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