My topsy-turvy life

By Rathmandu

Certain Trepidation

Back to the early starts this morning for another trip to Manchester. Owen had a CT scan scheduled and we had to be on the road before 05:45 with Louisa having do do the driving again as my shoulder is still really sore. We were there for half 7 and, because of the rules in place (1 parent only on the ward, 2 allowed in Radiology) while Louisa and Owen headed to the ward I went to wait in Radiology.

After a couple of hours of reading, answering a few important emails (I know I should take them off my phone) and chatting with the Radiologist, Louisa arrived with Owen and we headed down to the CT room. He's generally brilliant when he's in hospital, taking it all in his stride, but he was certainly looking a little bit apprehensive as he sat on Louisa's lap by the CT scanner and was definitely not happy about the anaesthetic gas being held to his face. It was horrible to see him getting so upset by it but, in a strange way, nice that we were both there with him.

About half an hour and a coffee later he was done and by just after 1 o'clock discharged for a balloon, a homeward bound McDonald's and Aaron waiting for us all at home.
Just wait for the results now then.

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