BikerBear's Blips

By BikerBear

The day ..........

 .......... just disappeared in a whirl of a haircut (and driving to and from), shopping, cooking, drinking wine, eating, drinking wine, watching TV, drinking wine ............ a busy, rainy and wine-y day.

This rose is peeking over the fence from the " cat peoples' " garden next door - quick snap before I set out in the car.

Smile for the Day:

A photon walks into a hotel. 
The desk clerk says, "Welcome to our hotel. Can we help you with your luggage?" 
The photon replies, "No thanks, I'm traveling light."

Boom boom


~ Anni ~

Posted a day late.

Thank you to everyone who sent me lovely messages and popped stars and hearts on my entry for FlowerFriday and the six year anniversary - I'm glad you all enjoy it so much - makes it all worthwhile!

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