By schorschi

Controlling our waters

Waterboards, parishes, county councils, Bavarian state & EU all involved in a huge project throughout southern Bavaria to take a large-scale approach to flooding connected with the Danube, with a length of 2,850 km it's Europe's 2nd longest river after Russia's Volga, and flows through entire Bavaria from left to right from Ulm to Passau where it passes into Austria and then Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova and Ukraine before entering the Black Sea. When the flooding comes, it effects all these countries & so requires an EU & European solution.

In Bavaria, along the entire length it is fed by rivers that run south to north from the Alps. The general idea is to slow down these feeder streams & rivers by holding back large quantities.

Our village is now seeing one of those measures, a large area south of the village is having an area of meadows owned by a number of farmers, hollowed out so that the stream that flows directly along our property can break its banks and flow into the basin, flood it & then be released slowly when the danger is gone. The farmers can continue to use the land and will get compensation if it has to be used.

Work has recently started, I'm not sure how long it will take but our dog walk track will soon be impassable as they get to work.

Solidarity in action, everyone giving up a bit to protect the rest.

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