Super Silly Saturday

Thanks for all the love for last nights hot hot hot sunset! :o) Fortunately things cooled off a little today at 31c for our jaunt into the Boxing Day Sales in the city!

It seemed like most of the people of Perth were there, it was heaving with people with very little social distancing in the streets but quite a bit of policing in a lot of the actual shops.   We had a plan and stuck to it and tried to avoid being in one spot for too long although the long lines to wait to pay were a point of contention for me. You would think the shops would have every till working with such big crowds but no they didnt, just crazy!!

On the good side we did get quite a few bargains as a lot of big ticket items were 50% off. I got some great sunglasses and Julian got a pair of Air Jordan basketball shoes and various other bits and pieces, almost all were 50% off yay!! 

I went back to his place for dinner and didn't leave until late so I’m fading fast and will have to catch up with you all tomorrow, ah Sunday mmmmzzzz!!

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