Jan's View

By HarlingDarling

Chilly Boxing Day

Woke up late, but that would be due to going to bed late - and being fortunate enough to sleep through my usual early starts. Very nice to sleep in for once! We'd watched the Christmas special Midwife thingy from the UK, blandly restful TV, till way past midnight. 

No new snow, but no rain, no sun either but still so much brighter than most of the month has been. I found some energy and cleared the final table-full of debris and "I'll just pop it here" things, they inevitably accumulate in the room we use the least as the rest of the house gets sorted.... Interesting how that always seems to happen, and then I throw a pretty cloth over it and wander off in a casual way, whistling a bit...

We took a walk down to the big lake and found it covered in ice, and the ice partly obscured by these little drifts of snow. It is an astonishing thing to see the abstract work of nature, the beautiful patterns in frost, in driven snow, in water - this is so stark with the white snow against the deep black of the frozen water. The stream I blipped the other day, by the broken down mill, was racing along, full to the brim and skipping and splashing its way to the sea. The noise of running water isn't one we usually hear at all in the spring.

I wrapped Rose's birthday presents at the newly cleared table mentioned above, and prepared a Christmas bag of goodies for our Irish friends. Then the "message arriving" noise pinged and it was our friend telling us she'd fallen in her kitchen and broken her pelvis just before Christmas, spending a few days in hospital till yesterday. Good grief! She just lost her balance and went down with a bang, MS isn't helping her balance one bit. We'll get down to see them soon I hope, we've been staying away as they (both being a bit fragile) can't meet outdoors, and we aren't going indoors... we'll work something out.

So, with that bit of fresh perspective, I have nothing at all to complain about, to fret over or to regret. I opened a present from our friend Lis, 2 books she has really enjoyed - what a fine present a book is! Lisa See's "The Island of Sea Women", and "A Thousand Ships" by Natalie Heynes. I haven't heard of either of them. I tend to read slowly, mostly at night before sleeping and when I am lying flat out in bed... I might do better if I read in the day.

The lentil soup is ready to be eaten, the bread is cut,the table set and I'm a bit hungry. We had planned a roast vegetable dinner but my soul cried for lentil soup. We can do the bigger dinner tomorrow, or sometime, or not. It's very relaxed, just being two people who get along well and have no set ideas about how to celebrate, or that we must fly the flag, or do things right. No wonder I can no longer be trusted in polite company, if I ever could have been.

Another day of missing yoga, perhaps we'll get back to it tomorrow? And go to church via the screens, and perhaps roast a vegetable or two! Hope your St Stephen's day has been good in one way or another, and that the various restrictions still allow you pleasure and delight. We almost had two different sets of friends drop by today, for an outdoor chat/coffee/whatever - but then they didn't. I suppose energy levels are low and that is probably fair enough - it's been quite a year.

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