a Scots life

By Annakucat

The Feast of Stephen...

No snow, but gales & some rain.. not pleasant. We did go out for a short walk, very quiet but we met the wee lady with the Romanian rescue dog which was very good. I can’t get over how she’s brought that wee dog on! She can’t stop him barking at the slightest thing yet, but at least he’s not shrill!
We will make the best of our feast, using the second pheasant & the remains of the first plus lovely seasonal veggies to make a winey, garlicky stew.
Loads of left over Christmas pudding etc. Glad to say it was a success despite being made at the last minute.
Much of the day has been spent reading our Christmas books, eating choccies & drinking good beer. I feel totally relaxed and lazy, it’s good not to be up to high doh as we say.

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