By schorschi

From little .....

This is the little stream that the parish, county council, State of Bavaria & the EU are investing a huge amount to get control of, certainly a six figure number, probably seven.

About one kilometer upstream it passes directly along our property. Much of it can be waded through in welly boots. It's harmless ....... until we have lots of rain. And when we have lots & lots of rain it joins up with another large stream that passes through the village to cause some flooding of houses. I think 2005 was the worst. Flood waters have never entered our house but our cellar gets flooded from the groundwater which normally a pump gets rid f with ease. However as in 205 when we were away for the day, the normal pump can't cope & the level rises to the point where the electrics get wet & the trip switches end the pumps use. We have learnt our lessons & have back up pumps for such situations.

However, that 2005 flood in Bavaria sent alarm bells ringing throughout the State and was called a "flood of a century" but we had just a few years earlier had one. So a massive plan for Bavaria & the entire Danube catchment area including those of the seven or eight countries along it's 2,850 km route, has been made. Hence, the work on the edge of our village to make an emergency flood area to take the pressure off.

The point at which I stood for the main photo is the point where the stream would be diverted into the flood area. In the extras a series of photos of the work in progress. Probably won't make sense to most but with the help of the Geotag of the main photo, perhaps one can get an idea especially if you toggle standard map & satellite view. Also show the official plan

Working together, everyone giving a bit, we can avoid some of the misery that climate warming is increasingly causing. Some countries have learnt that money put into such projects is an investment in a better future & that austerity cuts are often a lot more costly.

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