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By HarlingDarling

Posh breakfast...

...as a cure for the dreadfully dull weather of the day. Last night's beautiful fresh snow was being rained on and slushed into icy splosh. Very unseasonal, and not encouraging outdoor play at all. So we stayed in for ages. Reading and chatting and getting a fine porridge breakfast sorted, with porridge and tea and a pretty table. You do what you can to drive away the gloomy feeling of the world outdoors.

We listened to the Global Gathering from Oasis Waterloo, community church, where Keith's sister Caroline is an active member. They have done no less than 41 of these half hour services on line, during the pandemic. Some singing, some teaching, some news of a positive nature about the work being done to support people in the community, and some more music. It has been a lovely thing to be part of this year, we have dipped in and out since the start.

Spoke to Caroline and the London family, so we have now had contact with all 4 siblings. The London house is always busy and full of people, we got to see 4 out of the 5 younger people - and importantly, the new support puppy, Ralfie. A little bundle of white fluff which seems to have stolen the hearts of the whole family. No wonder, he's a charmer! 

The rain was just getting heavier as we lounged around, in front of the fire, and suddenly it just wasn't good enough! We will not melt! We have the waterproofs! I suggested we togged up and went out to get some fresh air - and that idea fell in good earth, and off we went. Good grief it was horrible! Windy, lashing rain, ice underfoot, puddles of slush, and rainwater. (I try hard to train myself to love rain, but today it didn't work) It was lovely when we got back into a warm, cosy house!

We felt quite self righteous, not a common event to be honest. Spoke to Rose to find out how life is proceeding in the "big city" of Härnösand. We are all feeling relieved that the level of infection appears to be going down - it has been doubling every week throughout December. So it looks like we are turning a corner in our area. Not that it will make a lot of difference to our behaviour, we are being cautious till things are much calmer. There will be no get togethers for the next few days as wall to wall rain is forecast, or in our case sleet/snow.

We really enjoyed binging on Bridgeton on Netflix yesterday, I loved it for it's silly, clever, elegant production. Keith endured it more or less good natured about it too. He compared it unfavourably to Downton Abbey, a series that he ridiculed from start to finish! I am hoping to continue bingeing this evening, we shall see! 

The thumbnail shows the Christmas tree tea-cosy that our friend Ann knit for us one time. The extra shows the man of the moment. We are listening to this wonderful rendition of A Christmas Carol, Neil Gaiman reading from Dickens's original reading script as we eat our left over, warmed up, delicious dinner..

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