Work cubbyhole. We did eventually have a bench/worktop fitted. That did away with all the temporary bits and pieces acquired from here and there in the old place. Stormy day outside, busy day inside, with no break for lunch, just food on the hoof. Swim and shop after work, then cycle home in a less stormy winds.

Kessock bridge was closed to high sided vehicles most of the day... though the driver of the double decker bus going to Dingwall this morning, and those in several trucks and lorries, seemed oblivious, or didn't care, “Oh, we'll chance it.”

Nikon F100 : f/5.6 : 1/20" : 20mm : ISO 400

Lens: Voigtländer 20mm f/3.5 Color Skopar SL II
Film: Ilford XP2-Super 400 (B&W negative)

[Frame : 14A]

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