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Granny's Seahorse

We were childrens partying yet again this morning at a local soft play. It was lots of fun and the little ones had a great time, particularly Girl who spent pretty much the whole party with one boy in particular. Boy was off charging about with all his friends. He is full of love at the moment and so spent a great deal of time hounding them for cuddles. At one point he was chasing one girl around the whole cafe in and out of all the chairs and parents. Thankfully for the girl Boy is not that quick.

After the party we went to the historic dockyard for a bit more of a run around and were pleased to finally find the childrens play area, and even more pleased to find it was decorated in lots of knitted sea creatures. One of which was made by Granny. We knew the knitted creatures were there somewhere but were not sure exactly where, we did not though realise on there being so many and so could not spot Granny's mauve sea horse.

So she will just have to show us on her next visit.

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