Andrew's Random Photos

By andrewhiggins

Daily exercise returns...

Back to lockdown, back to daily exercise.
It's much tougher in winter, with short dark days, and sometimes no real sunshine all day.
I find sunlight for me is a trigger for feeling alert, for activity, and of course, photo possibilities.
So after a run of grey dull days, I just had to get out for a walk, and made up for laziness by walking for miles.
My aching feet and legs were telling me that 20 miles was plenty. Google Maps revealed, when I staggered back, the walk had been a mere 8 miles...
Well well, that's a blister per mile..!
Must walk more!!

I loved the bare trees, and great sky, then came across this part flooded field... fantastic.
Rested the sore feet while taking a few photos.

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