Grandma's knitting needle gauge

was in the bottom of the bag of knitting that I pulled out last week. Absolutely no use at all for my latest knitting project as you will see. I'm not using a pattern so it does'nt matter, it's just an experiment.
What happened today .......... I was shopping in the Coop for Mum when I got a phone call from Mum. A man has rung and said he's got the dog & he's in the car park in Bovey Tracey. OMG!!! Indie was being exercised by the dog walker this morning ... Mum does'nt really understand the phone call. I rang S, the dog walker ... no answer. I rang Mum back & told her to do the call back on her landline, & tell the man I was on my way. I'm driving as fast as I can within the limits. The phone rings. I can't answer coz I'm driving ... I get to Bovey Tracey car park at the bottom of town. Can't see anyone with Indie, then I think Parke, the National Trust property just outside BT .. There she is on a lead in the car park stood with the chap who'd phoned Mum. She's fine, but where is S? He'd been asked by S earlier if he'd seen a black & white sprollie, No he had'nt ... walking back to the car park with his 2 Labs see's Indie in the field, so gets her on a lead to walk back with him. I rang S twice more, no reply. The chap tries to call her on his phone, no reply. Someone else comes back into the car park with two Labs so I asked him if 'he'd seen S. Yes he had they both been searching for Indie. He offered to go back and find S while I stayed in the car park ... S & the other gent come back into the car park after about 15-20mins ... In the meantime I've rung Mum to tell her Indie's fine. S did'nt bring her mobile phone as the battery was'nt charged. Indie's now  on the back seat of my car .. rather dirty :-(  & I'm freezing cold as I was'nt dressed for standing in a car park for what seemed like forever, any way Indie was fine, S was obviously very relieved, as was I, & Mum when I got back although she was a bit tearful, so a happy ending.
I stayed then with Mum for a couple of hours until she was back to her happy self.
I relayed the drama to hubby when I got in .... his response. "Crazy!". A man of few words ...
I needed to clean the back of the car as it was a tad mucky from Indie being on the back seat so I rummaged so  garden stuff together & headed to the allotment where I could clean the seat etc without anyone being upset. Sneaky but necessary to avoid any arguments. The things you have to do ... or not do. Like NOT take the dog in the car because she moults. I pulled a few more leeks, mooli, & turnips plus a few purple sprouting tips. The wind still bitterly cold, not a day for hanging about, especially after the morning chill.
Had a lazy couple of hours this afternoon, watched Beat The Chasers on catch up, then watched the new Lingo programme before preparing veggies for tonight's dinner, a hearty veggie & ham soup with crusty bread. Yum!

Thanks to loisbiz for hosting Tiny Tuesday this month.

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